waiver/liability release form

Waiver and Liability Release

  • Waiver and Liability Release

  • Triple Three Athletics and Wellness, LLC (the “Company”) we take your wellbeing seriously. However, even with safety procedures, any physical fitness activity has certain inherent dangers. Accordingly, we require all participants to sign this participation and release agreement. By signing this agreement, you agree to the following: I understand the Company’s trainers are not physicians and are not trained in any way to provide medical diagnosis, medical treatment, or any other type of medical advice The nature of the fitness activities I will participate in with the Company have been explained to me, and I am able to participate in those activities. I confirm that I have disclosed to the Company all necessary information regarding my current physical health, including, without limitations, any limitations on my activities which have been recommended by my physician or any other health care provider If requested by the Company, I have discussed with my plans to participate in the Company’s fitness programs and my physician has given me clearance for such participation and I have advised the Company of any restrictions or limitations on my participation. I understand that the fitness activities I will participate in with the Company may subject me to certain stresses and hazards not all of which can be foreseen. I desire to take part in all such activities (except as to any that I request to be excluded from an activity) I ASSUME ALL OF THE ORDINARY RISK NORMALLY INCIDENT TO THE NATURE OF THE ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED. ON BEHALF OF MYSELF, AND MY HEIRS, EXECUTORS, ADMINISTRATORS, REPRESENTATIVES, AND ASSIGNS, I HEREBY FURTHER RELEASE AND AGREE TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS THE COMPANY, AND ITS AFFILIATES, EMPLOYEES, AGENTS, REPRESENTATIVES, CONTRACTORS, AND ALL OTHER PERSONS ACTING FOR, ON BEHALF OF, OR IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE COMPANY FROM ALL LIABILITY WHATSOEVER. THIS RELEASE, INDEMNITY AND HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT INCLUDES, BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO, PERSONAL INJURY OR DEATH CAUSED BY, OR ARISING OUT OF THE ACTIVITIES OR CONDITIONS SPONSORED BY OR OCCURRING IN CONJUNCTION WITH WITH THE COMPANY ACTIVITIES. THIS RELEASE, INDEMNITY AND HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT ALSO INCLUDES, BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO, ALL CLAIMS BASED IN WHOLE OR IN PART ON THE NEGLIGENCE (EXCEPT GROSS NEGLIGENCE) OF THE PARTIES RELEASED ABOVE. THIS RELEASE FURTHER EXTENDS OT ALL COST AND ATTORNEY’S FEES. IT IS MAY INTENTION BY SIGNING THIS DOCUMENT TO RELEASE THE PARTIES LISTED ABOVE FROM ANY AND ALL LIABILITY FOR ACTS OR OMISSIONS THAT ARE NOT PERFORMED WILLFULLY OR MALICIOUSLY. I have signed this document as my own free act and in consideration of the agreement the Company to allow me to participate in its fitness program. I understand that the terms herein are contractual and not a mere recital.
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