We are sincerely grateful for our clients’ loyalty and dedication. And we want to extend our humble thanks to our clients who have generously offered these words of support.

“After years of back pain from childhood scoliosis plus surgery and countless visits to doctors, chiropractors, and massage therapists, my back and body have never felt better. Working with Trey has been the most effective and rewarding therapy I’ve ever had!”  –Carrie

“I have had several personal trainers over the years but I can honestly say that working with Trey was the most enjoyable. Not only did I see the best results while having Trey as my personal trainer, he also took the intimidation factor of working with a trainer that I had and completely had me feeling more confident about myself, physical strength and abilities, he created a positive training environment that I looked forward to showing up for and dedicating my time to. For me personally one of the highlights of having Trey as a trainer was that he actually made the sessions enjoyable. Trey is not only a great listener who could hear where I was hesitant and build a routine that felt good for me, but he has a great personality and positive outlook on everything. I know I speak for many of his clients when I say that he is a total professional, but not so serious with what he does that he loses track of making sure that your training time is actually a fun part of your day.”  –Virginia

“Trey is outstanding. The amount of life experience he has in nutrition, personal training and alternative methods for health & wellness is invaluable. Trey believes in being a student of what he does not know & finds those who do to teach him. Trey improved my balance, coordination, strength and nutrition. I had fun & worked hard.”  –Jill

“Trey Rosenkranz provides his clients with a comprehensive wellness experience, not just an effective workout. Trey is genuinely interested in his client’s overall health and wellbeing. Using his extensive wellness and healing arts expertise, he encourages and inspires his clients to improve their physical health through exercise and nutrition, their mental attitude and their overall energy. I cannot say enough positive things about Trey. He will indeed help you harmonize body, mind and soul for your benefit — he identifies the obstacles you need to remove to reach your goals. His workouts and assisted stretching techniques are, by far, the most efficient and productive I have experienced. In addition, I was able to recover quickly from extensive foot surgery due to his healing rehabilitative exercises and treatments. And the best part of all, Trey is extremely fun — you will never want to miss a workout!”  –Vickie

“What do I miss most about moving from Austin…..Trey. While living in Austin I was at my most fit, because I had a personal trainer who knew my body, my mind, and my strength. He pushed at just the right level and I got results so fast I was amazed. At age 50 it’s hard to “get in shape” and I appreciated his gentleness and understanding of where I was with MY body. I spend a lot of time in a swimsuit on the river, and I can’t tell you how many people complimented me on my body. I felt like a walking billboard for Trey. The physical form of my body from working out with Trey was the icing on the cake. The real joy came from all the things I could do because of the strength and confidence he gave me after a long and grueling battle with lower back pain and operation. Trey’s the best.” –Jerri

“I am a 62-year-old male, who suffers from chronic pain and some mobile impairment, due to a serious head-on collision car accident I experience on IH 35 in 1973. Finally, out of desperation, I sought help and turned to Trey Rosenkranz at Triple 3 Athletics. I had heard wonderful things about Trey’s sophisticated knowledge of and skill with physical training and therapy. And I can say that — after working with Trey as my physical trainer — he exceeded my high expectations, expertly helping me understand my own particular physical challenges, and thoughtfully prescribing a program of individualized exercises and stretches aimed at resolving or at least ameliorating my rather serious challenges.

For instance, my right leg is an inch shorter than my left leg, and it has caused not only pain in my left hip but some serious stiffness in my back. The first thing Trey did was have me walk and do various movements and exercises so that he could evaluate my physical problems. During our first session together, he quickly focused on the basic nature of my challenges, but – instead of rushing to any conclusions – he thoughtfully took notes and reflected on my particular needs for a few days. Then, at my next session with him, he started laying out a personalized training and stretching regimen, which grew and evolved and adapted to my particular needs as I continued to train with him.

Indeed, I came to understand that this was typical of the way Trey worked with me – individually — during every session, always concentrating on my specific concrete problems and challenges, and not merely giving me a canned regimen intended for “the average” person.

I appreciate – more deeply than I can adequately articulate – the sophistication and professionalism with which Trey helped me as my physical trainer. Continuing to follow the regimen he prescribed, my back and hip problems have been much improved. Based upon that experience, therefore, I am delighted to give Trey and Triple 3 Athletics the highest of recommendations.

Trey is a first-rate physical trainer and – as a pleasant addendum – one hell of a good guy, too.

He won’t disappoint you!” –Wyck