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nutritional supplements

All of the recommended nutritional supplements are all-natural and products of Good Manufacturing Practice.


BioTrust Pro-X10™ Probiotics, 60 Capsules

$50.00 + shipping (if applicable)

Pro-X10™ is a premium probiotic formula designed to support optimal GI health and function while reducing bowel inflammation. Through patented Microencapsulation Technology, Pro-X10TM is able to deliver up to 10x more live probiotic bacteria to your intestine than other inferior products. Pro-X10™ also contains the breakthrough nutrient Actazin (from the kiwi fruit) to assist in the regeneration of gluten-damaged intestinal lining cells. Advanced Probiotic and GI Health Formula:

  • Supports Reduced Bowel Inflammation & Leaky Gut
  • Promotes Bowel Regularity & Immune Health
  • Supports Repair of Gluten-Damaged Intestinal Lining

Natural Stacks™ Natural Protein™: Whey + Collagen, 2 lbs. (approx. 48 servings), Cacao or Vanilla Bean
$63.95 + shipping (if applicable)
Natural Protein™ is not your ordinary protein powder. It contains a complete protein matrix consisting of the finest whey protein concentrate made from fresh milk (not cheese by-products) and pure hydrolyzed bovine collagen protein. The 2 to 1 ratio of whey to collagen protein provides a full spectrum of nutrients essential for fast recovery, a strong immune system, and lean muscle growth. Natural Protein™ also contains colostrum from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows to increase the amount of regenerative growth factors. It’s biologically-active, undenatured protein powder designed for optimal health and performance.

Natural Stacks™ MagTech™: Magnesium + L-Threonate, 90 Capsules
$28.95 + shipping (if applicable)
MagTech™ is a premium blend of all three different types of magnesium known to have the highest absorption, Magtein Magnesium L-Threonate, Magnesium Taurate, and Magnesium Glycinate. Each compound is fully chelated for optimal absorption and effectiveness.  “Chelated” means that the magnesium is bonded to an amino acid.  Chelation is the body’s natural means to transport minerals across the intestinal wall as part of digestion, so chelated magnesium is far better absorbed than most supplements which are cheap magnesium salts. MagTech™ has 100% nutritional density, meaning that all components of the magnesium complex have true nutritional value. Natural Stacks™ carefully chose forms of magnesium that are chelated with nutritionally functional amino acids, each with a specific role to optimize mental and physical performance.

Natural Stacks™ Vitamin D3 5,000 IU with Organic Coconut Oil, 90 Capsules
$14.95 + shipping (if applicable)
Natural Stacks™ Vitamin D3 provides the highly bioavailable form of natural Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol). To ensure optimal absorption of this fat-soluble vitamin, Natural Stacks™ suspended it in the healthiest fat on the planet – organic cold pressed coconut oil. The natural fatty acids in coconut oil aid the transport of Vitamin D into the bloodstream for fast and effective results.

Natural Stacks™ Antarctic Krill Oil with 1.5 mg of Astaxanthin, 60 ct.
$31.95 + shipping (if applicable)
Natural Stacks™ Krill Oil is cold pressed from sustainably harvested Antarctic Krill (tiny shrimp-like crustaceans). Studies suggest that Krill Oil can reduce inflammation, improve brain function, relieve joint pain, and promote heart health. Natural Stacks™ premium Krill Oil Complex contains:

  • A variety of key nutrients including choline, vitamin A, vitamin e
  • 420 mg of cell-building phospholipids
  • 300 mg of omega-3 fatty acids (150 mg DHA & 90 mg EPA)
  • 5 mg of astaxanthin (7X more than most Krill Oil products)

Natural Stacks™ Krill Oil features an optimal DHA / EPA ratio and is phosphorylated for superior bio-absorption.

Natural Stacks™ CILTEP Nootropic Stack, 60 Capsules
$42.95 + shipping (if applicable)
CILTEP is a natural nootropic that combines artichoke extract and forskolin to naturally induce long-term potentiation. Formulated by its creator Abelard Lindsay, CILTEP is a healthy way to stay focused, alert, and motivated for hours. CILTEP works by naturally inducing Long-Term Potentiation. Long-Term Potentiation (LTP) is a long lasting enhancement in signal transmission between two neurons that results from stimulating them both at the same time.[1]  LTP is one of the major cellular mechanisms behind learning and memory.[1][2] Memories are formed or “encoded” in the brain by creating LTP. CILTEP achieves LTP by: 1. Inhibiting Phosphodiesterase-4 (PDE4), and 2. Increasing cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP).