If my friends and I sign up for partner personal training, do we have to be at equal fitness levels?
No. In keeping with Triple Three’s commitment to providing personalized workouts, exercises can be modified to match each individual’s needs, so the partner training is open to all fitness levels and experience.

Are lockers available during a personal training workout?
No. But there are cubbies to hold your belongings.

Are showers available after a personal training workout?
Yes. The fitness facility has bathroom/shower amenities.

What should I bring to a paddleboard workout?
Bring bottle of water, sunscreen, and a towel to dry off afterward.

How should I dress for a paddleboard workout?
Wear a swim suit or workout attire that can accommodate doing exercises on the paddleboard and getting wet. For shoes, wear whatever is comfortable for the parking lot, but you will be barefoot on the board.

Are lockers available during a paddleboard workout?
No. But your trainer can secure your car keys if you want to lock your valuables in your car.

Where do I go for a paddleboard workout?
For paddling on Lady Bird Lake, meet us at the public access dock located immediately adjacent to The Rowing Dock (located at 2418 Stratford Dr, Austin, TX 78746). For paddling on the Colorado River in Bastrop, meet us at the public dock, one block from historic downtown (600 block of Chestnut St., Bastrop, TX 78602)

Do I have to know how to paddleboard?
No. We teach you the fundamentals of paddleboarding as well as providing a fun and challenging workout.

Do I have to know how to swim for a paddleboard workout?
Preferred. But you must notify your trainer of your swimming level.

Do I need to rent a paddleboard?
No. We provide the paddleboard, paddle and personal flotation device.