triple three athletics and wellness is a training center that uses a holistic process – balancing mind, body and spirit – guided by a trainer accomplished and certified in sport-specific programming, fitness approaches, and healing practices for athletes and wellness-minded people.

mission statement

Our mission is to help bring focus, strength and harmony to our clients by guiding them through a holistic process that integrates their mind, body and spirit. Through this balance, our clients’ potential is limitless—whether it’s becoming an elite athlete, rehabilitating an injury, improving mobility, achieving a healthy body composition, or attaining a state of wellness.

vision statement

Our vision is to create a fitness and wellness partnership with our clients and to operate with integrity, respect and kindness. We aim to deliver science-backed programming while lending emotional and spiritual support.

frederick rosenkranz, III (trey)
owner and personal trainer

Trey Bio PicFirmly believing that fitness and wellness are achieved by balancing mind, body and spirit, Trey has dedicated 17 years to building a diverse repertoire of fitness, athletic and healing techniques. Along with his Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology (Physical Therapy emphasis), his years of working in the health/fitness industry, and his numerous certifications, Trey attributes his effectiveness to his practical experience with clients and his extensive informal training. During his years living in Vancouver and Ontario, Trey had the unique opportunity to work closely with industry and spiritual leaders in strength and conditioning, physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic, active release therapy, naturopathy, nutrition, reiki, tai chi and shamanism. Applying the valuable techniques he learned, Trey built the foundation of his practice – a holistic health program tailored to meet individual needs.

Trey’s extensive athletic experience fueled his passion for sports programming, which led to working as a team strength and conditioning coach for European league soccer, Junior A hockey and lacrosse, as well as training an Olympic athlete.

While growing up in Bryan, Texas, Trey learned the values of hard work, dedication and respect from his parents and at his grandparent’s home, where he enjoyed horseback riding, bull riding, hunting, and farming. These experiences also sparked his continued love and appreciation for animals, the outdoors and gardening. Beginning in junior high, he realized his more artistic interests and pursued singing, dancing, guitar, piano, and ballet.